‘Beary’ good patients at Wee Care

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LaPlace – Recently, Wee Care held their third annual Teddy Bear Clinic. Pediatricians Dr. Rita Lawrence of Klein-Lawrence and Dr. Wendi DeFrank of Rainbow Pediatrics, nurses Lynette St. Martin and Angelle Pray of LaPlace Medical Center, Gina Cancienne, Jennifer Brady, Laura Cancienne and Codi Heltz of Egan Home Healthcare, Toni Roussel of Dr. Vellanki’s Office, Jennie Matar of Specialty Rehab and Kendra Naylor volunteered their time to come and administer “check-ups” on the student’s stuffed animals. Students helped assist the medical professional with their animals’ annual check-up. Some of the things they helped with were checking heart rates and temperatures, giving shots and bandages for their “boo-boos.”