Hoop dat!

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have you been to a Hornets game? If YES, thank you. If NO, why not?

In the coming weeks, there will be a major push for the Greater New Orleans region to step up and show our support for the Hornets. This is being done to show the NBA that New Orleans not only deserves to host a professional basketball team but can also support our team with both cheers and attendance at the games.

Why is having the Hornets in New Orleans important? First, New Orleans is one of 29 cities in America to host two professional sports teams. This shows that our region has the tremendous spirit and energy that it takes to support both the Saints and Hornets. Second, the Hornets provide state and local tax revenue and create thousands of jobs in the Greater New Orleans region. Third, the Saints and Hornets are important economic development tools in attracting new jobs and residents to our region.

This Sunday, the Hornets play the Atlanta Hawks. Monday, the Saints play the Atlanta Falcons. We can kill two birds (Hawks and Falcons) with one city (New Orleans) if both the Hornets and Saints win this weekend! So root for the New Orleans Hornets and Saints this weekend and support both of the region’s teams.

If you need a last minute Christmas gift, buy some tickets and give someone an experience they will absolutely enjoy. In fact, there is a Hornets game the day after Christmas. So go online and buy a few tickets to give to family and friends.

Get buzzed about the Hornets and go to a game and support the professional basketball team in New Orleans. I’m going on Jan. 5 and 17…go Hornets!

The last bite…

Friday, I had lunch with my cousin at Italian Pie in LaPlace. I had soup and salad…sounds boring, right? NO! The soup was a delicious cup of steaming hot creamy shrimp and crabmeat. The salad was my absolute favorite…shrimp arugula with a Greek vinaigrette dressing! They top the salad with a dozen grilled shrimp and fill it with more goodies than I can list. Service was a little slow but the meal made up for it. I give 4 Crumbs! (out of 5)

Buddy Boe, a resident of LaPlace, is a former parish administrator and is well known on the local political (and food) scenes. His column appears every Wednesday in L’Observateur.