Each human life is unique and special, just like a snowflake

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 12, 2008

So much to talk about.

Let’s see, do I discuss the unexpected snowfall we all woke up to on Thursday morning. Or there is a little matter of another grandchild that joined our clan on Monday evening.

Yea, I know the snow was pretty neat and all, but I’m sure you can understand that grandchild number three for the wife and I still scored far higher on the chart.

In a nutshell, it’s been a wild time at my house these days. I keep wondering if there really is any truth to the idea that things settle down once your kids move out

Somehow the story has gotten confusing, since things are busier at my home now than they have ever been.

I keep telling my wife that she should feel pretty good about one thing, and that is the fact that our kids seem to always want to come home to visit. That, in itself, is nice.

So yes, we’ve had plenty of company these days since daughter number two is still with us as her Army husband gets resettled at their new Virginia home. To make things easier, it was decided she would stay at our house for a couple of months while he made the transition.

And oh, by the way, did I mention she was going to have a baby while she stayed with us?

So sure enough, finally on Monday the little fellow made an appearance.

Most of the money in the family seemed to be on another girl. Jenny and Zach had grandchild number one a little over two years ago when my darling, little Abby was born.

And for some reason it seemed like most of the family thought she would have another girl this time around.

Personally I was pulling for a boy since I have learned how special it is to have a boy with my own Mikey, now 13.

So I was pulling for Zach to get his boy, which he unashamedly admitted he wanted in the worst way. Zach has always been a big sports guy, playing football in high school, and he has been looking for the day he got a son who could join him watching some ball games and such.

On Monday, Zach not only got his son, but he got a pretty big one as Zach Jr. was born into the world weighing 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and measuring 22 inches.

You might remember my oldest daughter Chrissy had her first son last December 23; however, he was born almost three months premature. It was a scary time for us last Christmas. But today we just look at her son and thank God for the blessing that he is, now as perfect as can be.

However even as perfect as the boy has grown up, he’s still a little fellow who is catching up and is only two inches longer than Zach Jr., and weighs only eight pounds more. So you get the idea that “Little Zachary” has got a head start on a few other kids his age.

Even Jenny, who loves having girls, said she “already really liked” the young boy, and apparently is now finding out what the rest of us know—that little boys are just as special as little girls—just in their own, very different kind of way.

For my family, which was mostly around for the birth, we all found ourselves marveling at the amazing gift of life from God. Seriously, how can you really consider life, and a newborn baby, and all the things that are a part of the birth, and not know that there has to be a creator far greater than any of us could be.

And more than that, we were all considering how neat it is the way every child is so, so very different. Every child of your own. Every person you know. How can God make so many people, and have them all be so different?

I have always looked at my three girls and enjoyed the way they are so very, very different from each other. And then toss in that boy of mine, and you REALLY see what different can mean!

My girls have all made the comment to me, quite a few times, about how sure they are about being my favorite. They laugh when they say it, but I know they really do believe they are the favorite.

I honestly tell them that I love each girl for the different, special person they are. And yet I don’t think it matters. They still are sure that THEY are the favorite. I enjoy it anyway.

But no doubt, you just have to go through the birth of one child close to you, and it is apparent how great our God is, and how we truly never can understand so many things. How can we understand our own life, and the marvelous way we are put together, to work so perfectly in most ways? It’s impossible to comprehend.

I just know that seeing my newest grandson join the clan has made me again appreciate the gift of life and realize how fortunate I am.

So as for the busy, chaotic life the wife and I are spinning around in, bring it on. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kevin Chiri is Publisher of L’Observateur and can be reached at (985) 652-9545 or at kchiri@bellsouth.net