Marathon partnership to increase students’ industry-readiness

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 28, 2008

RESERVE—The Marathon Refinery in Garyville has recently expanded its partnerships with St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools.

Since 1999, the petroleum company has teamed with East St. John Elementary School, providing not only volunteer work such as in-school visits and library coding but also financial support for the school. Now Marathon is reaching out to the students of East St. John High School, as well.

Said Sarah Guidry, a representative for Marathon, “We hope this is the start of a long partnership with East St. John High School.”

Marathon has already supplied thousands of dollars in lab equipment to the school.

According to Guidry, the focus of the company’s partnership with ESJH will be the science department. One of Marathon’s aims in partnering with the school is to get the students ready for technical college so they can land one of the area’s many industry jobs.

“We’re looking forward to building a stronger bond with Marathon,” said East St. John High School Principal Patricia Triche.