Odds and Ends

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 14, 2008

Man, this hasn’t exactly been the greatest week in local sports, has it?

The Saints…should be even get started on that? The Hornets lost to the Bobcats at the tail end of last week, and more recently the Lakers (I’m not sure which stings worse). LSU…clubbed by Nasty Nick Saban. In overtime. Double punch to the gut. Even among the local prep teams, St. John Parish lost two outstanding volleyball teams in St. Charles and Riverside at the Pontchartrain Center’s state tournament — though each should be congratulated on playing fine seasons.

Heck, my fantasy football team took its worst drubbing of the year! (Thanks for the combined seven points, Aaron Rodgers and Steve Smith).

But we don’t come to this space for doom and gloom. On the bright side of things, Chris Paul is still adding to that new record of his after topping 20 points and 10 assists against the Lakers. It was seven and counting as of Friday morning. Drew Brees is still waging an all out assault on Dan Marino’s seasonal yardage record. LSU’s got Troy this weekend (win!) and Destrehan’s Jordan Jefferson should taste his first real action.

And my fantasy team can’t be that bad in two consecutive weeks…can it?

•Touching back on the volleyball tourney, I have to say: if there is one thing that some of the girls’ sports (volleyball, softball) have on the guys, it’s that when you’re there, it always feels like 100 things are going on at once. Because there are. Three games are going on in volleyball and there is a giant section of that building cheering or booing for anything that happens. There are no dead spots. Softball is the same way, except its even more magnified because there are multiple one run, late inning games going on at once. For the borderline ADD like myself, you won’t go bored.

•The MLB voters got the Cy Young winners right. CC Sabathia did carry his team into the postseason, I’ll give him that, but he did it in half a season. Tim Lincecum led the world in strikeouts and batting average against and won 18 games for — wait for it — the last place Giants. Cliff Lee did the same in the American League for the similarly hapless Indians. It’s not the MVP award — it’s the award for the best pitcher, and those guys could only do so much for teams that simply couldn’t win when their ace didn’t take the mound.