St. Charles voters show

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 24, 2007

support for school system


Staff Reporter

ST. CHARLES PARISH -St. Charles Parish registered voters gave an overwhelming show of support on Saturday for two propositions that retained 35.7% of the parish school system’s operating budget.

Roughly 10% of St. Charles Parish registered voters, or 3,000 residents, voted on proposition one and two, which passed 78% and 77% respectively, guaranteeing revenue for the school system until the propositions come up for renewal in 2017.

&#822078% speaks volumes of the support for the school system,” said Rochelle Cancienne, Director of Public Information for the St. Charles School Board.

Neither proposition will affect resident’s taxes because the votes were renewals of a millage tax proposal initially passed in 1992.

The first proposition will levy a special millage tax on all property subject to taxation within St. Charles Parish and will cost homeowners $2.50 for houses valued at $100,000 and $10 for residences valued at $175,000. The tax is expected to generate approximately $32 million annually for the school system.

The second proposition is another millage tax that collects from all property subject to taxation within St. Charles Parish and will cost residents slightly more than 10% as much as the first proposition. The proposition is expected to produce roughly $3.8 million annually.

&#8220We’re very happy for the support that the community showed Saturday,” Cancienne said. &#8220Thanks to all of our employees and their families, and the community business and industry for their support throughout the whole process.”