T.S. Cindy nears region

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 6, 2005

As Tropical Storm Cindy approached, the departments of St. John the Baptist Parish are working together to monitor the upcoming storm and stay at a stand-by mode in the event that a disastrous storm attempts to wipe out everything.

“We are under a ‘plot and watch’ plan,” Kathy Gilmore with St. John Emergency Preparedness said, “we are keeping in tune with the weather systems.

Gilmore said each department is making sure equipment is working and any procedures are understood. She said many of the departments met Tuesday morning to discuss the tropical storm in the gulf, and said the parish is at “Step 1” of their preparedness plan.

“We get weather reports every six hours,” Gilmore said, “So right now we are monitoring the lakes and just paying attention.