Known as ‘Fifth Ward Webbie’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Staff Reporter

VACHERIE -An arrest warrant has been issued for Jerome Cosey, 27, of New Orleans for the shooting of James Robinson III, 25, of Mt. Airy on April 16 at Grant’s Bar in Vacherie.

Jerome Cosey, also know as “Fifth Ward Webbie,” warrant is issued for accessory to second degree murder.

“Jerome’s attorney, Edwin Hawkins of New Orleans, contacted us on Friday,” said Capt. Sid Berthelot of the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office. “His attorney said he did not know of his whereabouts or if he had talked to Jerome. He later said Jerome was on tour.”

Berthelot said a rap concert was at the bar the night of the shooting and Jerome was supposed to perform.

“Jerome’s nickname is his stage name as a rapper,” said Berthelot. “The concert was videotaped, but we have no possession of the tape at this time.”

It is believed that the tape may show what happened that night at the bar. The alleged murderer of James Robinson left with Cosey after the incident, according to Berthelot.

“Jerome is in hiding,” said Berthelot. “We are trying to get the tape and get him (Jerome) in here to help identify the alleged murderer.”

The tape has been delivered to local TV news channels and they are cooperating with the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office, but they want the original tape, which it believed to be in Cosey’s possession, according to Berthelot.

Robinson was found inside the bar shot twice, after deputies were called to the scene.

He was taken to East St. James Hospital and then transferred to Charity Hospital in New Orleans, according to the St. James Sheriff’s Department.

Robinson died the next day from his wounds at Charity Hospital.

The investigation is being continued of the incident and anyone with information or the whereabouts of Jerome Cosey should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 225-562-2200.