Raymond trial postponed to May

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Staff Reporter

EDGARD – An alleged murderer was scheduled to stand trial on March 21 and due to a new court appointed attorney, the trial has been continued.

Tyrone Raymond was appointed a new court appointed attorney, Jeffrey Hand, through the Indigent Defender Board in LaPlace.

After Hand was assigned the case, more time was needed investigate the incident, according to Judge Mary Hotard Becnel.

Raymond was said to have filed an alibi. In turn, officials have filed an answer linking Raymond to the crime scene, according to the District Attorneys office.

“A motion hearing is scheduled for April 6, said Jeffrey Hand. “The first scheduled trial date is for May 16.”

The motion hearing will be held at the Arcuri Center Court House in LaPlace and the actual trial will be held at St. John the Baptist Parish Court House in Edgard.

District Attorney William O’Regan will be prosecuting the case. O’Regan was not available for comment.

Raymond, 30, a former LaPlace resident was charged with first degree murder last year, after his arrest in Brownsburg, Indiana for a crime committed more than four years ago.

Raymond will stand trial before Judge Mary Hotard Becnel for the April 2000 murder of LaPlace taxi driver, Janice Fugate.