Caulton returned to St. John Parish

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 1, 2004

By VICKIE JAMBON, Staff Reporter

LAPLACE – The Sheriff of St. John the Baptist Parish drove to the Louis Armstrong International Airport Tuesday and picked up a man extradited out of Florida for a brutal crime he allegedly committed in LaPlace.

Sheriff Wayne L. Jones drove to the New Orleans airport with several officers at 10:30 a.m. to pick up 33-year-old Bobbie Caulton.

Tuesday morning Capt. Michael Tregre issued a statement from the sheriff’s office saying, “They are flying him back. Caulton is coming in with two officers from the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office who went Sunday to pick him up. Sheriff Wayne L. Jones is going to escort Caulton in.”

Tregre said Caulton would be booked into the Sherman Walker Correctional Facility upon his return to St. John the Baptist Parish. He said it is not known at this time how Caulton will plea.

“We do not know yet if Caulton will plea guilty or innocent,” said Tregre.

Tregre said the two officers sent to return Caulton interviewed a number of people in the area where Caulton was apprehended.

“Our officers questioned people in Florida,” said Tregre.

Caulton allegedly fled to Florida after allegedly beating, raping and mutilating an unnamed LaPlace woman.

According to local authorities, Caulton was captured by Broward County authorities on Aug. 20. He was held at a jail within the Broward County Sheriff’s Office until released to St. John the Baptist Parish officials on Tuesday.

Caulton was captured after a special team of St. John detectives called Broward County and told them where Caulton could be found. The information the officers released included a home belonging to one of Caulton’s relatives.

When Caulton was arrested, it was discovered he had dyed his hair as a disguise.