An abusive tongue hurts worst of all

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 3, 2004

HAROLD KELLER – Get High on Life

In my last article, I spoke of the powerful use of the tongue. I shared how it can be used to encourage or destroy a person. I received a letter with no return address or signature. I chose to publish it in hopes of helping some people escape the bondage of past abuse.

“Dear Mr. Keller,

I read your article last week about the tongue. You are absolutely right. It is a powerful weapon used to verbally abuse someone.

I was a victim of such abuse for many years. My dad used his tongue to abuse me all of my life. I had to just sit back and keep my mouth shut. I bottled it all inside me, which ruined my life and made me a nervous wreck. It was like being held hostage.

I prayed a long time for this abuse to end, but it lasted until my dad was on his deathbed. I now am praying for a healing. I used to pray to die and for him to die, because I couldn’t take it any more.

The devil is real busy fishing, not for fish, but for people to hurt.

I’m enclosing a dollar. Have a Coke on me!


My advice to you is to take the first step for a complete healing, which is to forgive your father and allow God to free you from the past. If you choose not to forgive, your deceased father will control your life even after his death.

To parents who may be abusing their children verbally, why not start using the powerful weapon of the tongue to encourage them? Be reminded that verbal abuse is much more damaging and lasts longer than any physical abuse.

Let’s all learn to respect and treat others as we would like to be treated, always being conscious that the tongue is a powerful weapon.

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