Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 28, 2001


Locals team up to fight cancer It seems to me that the activity is really picking up. Of course, I really and truly want it to, because I know the good that the Relay for Life can do for those of us who have been affected by cancer. If I seem to harp on this subject sometimes, I do, because it is a subject of utmost importance in my own life. To see people striking back, refusing to let any disease take its toll without a fight, is very comforting and encouraging to those of us afflicted in any way with a health problem. And, to see help coming from our friends and neighbors truly warms the heart n I know. At the last Relay for Life captains’ meeting I attended, they were all there; all those who were leading the way and working hard, I mean really hard, to make our St. John the Baptist Parish Relay a successful one. It was truly an eye-opener for me, because even though I have attended a relay before, the work involved in putting it together is unbelievable. Bobbie Zadain never wavered in her duties to answer questions and keep things organized. Her daughter, Laura, is also amazing in leading this project. Even more amazing is the attitude and dedication some of the people attending this meeting have. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what we are suppose to do; give as much of ourselves as possible to help others. We tennis players have a team which will honor the memory of friend and fellow tennis player, Tammy Scontrino. Actually, we will be two teams working together. It’s really hard to get everyone together at one time for a meeting, but those who can make it are really enthusiastic. Cindy Gillies and Jo Ann Falterman are helping me captain the teams. Our last meeting at Belle Terre found Sheryl Schoen, Annie Stell, Cindy, Jo Ann, Jason Pinholster and me deeply involved. Each team has to pay a registration fee of $100 and I am most pleased to say that L’Observateur is sponsoring one of ours, and Stell’s Furniture in Reserve is sponsoring the other. It’s a great feeling to have them involved. It almost wasn’t polite, but when I first met David Marlowe, the new editor and publisher of L’Observateur, it was something like “pleased to meet you and by the way, would L’Observateur sponsor our team?” David did not hesitate, and Herb Stell didn’t either when Annie suggested they help. These are businesses in our community, working with our community. As I said, it’s a great feeling. Then, I spoke to Suzanne Mastainich at First American Bank which, like some businesses, is working diligently for the Relay for Life. She showed me the beautiful Easter basket the bank is raffling off, plus they are doing gift certificates, too. We traded chances, with me taking some on the basket and Suzanne taking some on the tennis racquets and tennis lessons we are raffling. So, if someone comes up to you with a raffle for the cause, perhaps you will help. Also, Garyville’s Fay Kilburn, who follows in her late mother, Mabel Badeaux’s footsteps, crocheted a beautiful afghan with a cross in the middle for raffling for the Relay for Life. All over, people and businesses are doing various things for this cause. When I see a Relay for Life sign in a window or on the wall in different places, I feel really grateful. ANNA MONICA is a resident of Garyville. She writes this column every Wednesday for L’Observateur.