Destrehan Plantation Store open

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 2, 2000

L’Observateur / December 2, 2000

DESTREHAN – The newly opened Destrehan Plantation Store recently held its grand opening. The store is located in the main visitor parking area at DestrehanPlantation, 13034 River Road in Destrehan.

The store is an interesting building, modeled after an authentic plantation store. Construction of the store involved the use of two buildings, eachcontaining unique architectural features. The center portion of the building is asharecroppers cabin which was originally located at Uncle Sam Plantation. Thesecond building was a creole cottage, constructed in the late 1800’s. Thecottage was disassembled and the building material was used for both exterior and interior features.

The store has a wide variety of gifts for Christmas and other special occasions.

Reproductions of antebellum goods which compliment the tour of the house are found throughout the store. Also available are Nyco Christmas ornaments, Two’sCompany silverware, Show Stopper antebellum dolls, antique clocks and old coins and currency.

The store also carries Collector’s Armoury reproduction guns and swords and period clothing patterns from past patterns. The shop offers the most completeselection of books on early Louisiana history and plantation life found in the New Orleans area.

The Destrehan Plantation Store is open daily, including Sunday, from 9 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Gift certificates are also available. Members of the River Road HistoricalSociety receive 10 percent off purchases.

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