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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 5, 2000

LEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / July 5, 2000

The secret to living is giving, at least that is what my paw-paw tells me. I figured Ishould look into this a little more for myself because sometimes – just sometimes, maybe about once every 10 years – he is wrong about something.

But when I investigated this little statement I found it to be very true. In fact,there are many scriptures that support it.

The Bible says that it is more blessed for us to give than to receive; and if we give, blessings will be given back to us.

So, if the secret to living is giving, does that mean that the result of not giving is dying? As I thought about this God reminded me of the following: When you watch a movie in which the actors and actresses go on camping trips they are always warned not to drink water that is not running. Flowing waters are usually OK, butthe stagnant water always makes them sick; they sometimes even die from drinking it. God blesses us with so many things, but He does not intend for us tokeep it all to ourselves.

If we do not share the life-giving blessings God has given us, we ourselves will become stagnant. If we allow ourselves to be God’s vessels, He can pour goodthings into us and then use us to pour good things into others. Let us always beready to share God’s love and goodness with others. It is only then that we will feelas though we have really lived.

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