Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 29, 1999

ANNA MONICA / L’Observateur / December 29, 1999

It really was my idea of what Christmas looks like. My phone rang and myneighbor, Gloria Borne, asked if I wanted to hear some Christmas caroling.

Sure, I did. So I grabbed my glass of orange juice, walked over to her yardand stood on the steps while a delightful group, members of Reserve Christian Church, sang Christmas carols. We don’t see too much of thisanymore, at least, not where I live, but it is a wonderful tradition.

Phil Dicharry, Gloria’s son-in-law, was the guitar playing member of the group. His daughter, Beth, accompanied on the flute. It was a delightfulgroup which included Mark and Judith Brinkman with Aaron and Marcus, Melissa Kirkwood, Michael Brignac and Kelly Rizzuto.

Then on Christmas Eve at the vigil mass at St. Hubert’s we had anothertreat with. Brent Torres playing the organ and singing “O Holy Night” asonly he can. The Garyville choir, which has great harmony, invites him tocome each year. Brent’s singing voice is so beautiful. A Garyville native,the son of Nelwyn and the late Warren Torres, he sang for us all the time, but after marrying he now lives in LaPlace.

All this came after Dana Troxclair and I got back from Florida early in the week. From Miami we had gone to Key West, which Dana really likes, and itreally was a pleasant experience. Key West is the southernmost part ofthe United States, and there is a marker telling you that Cuba is just 90 miles away.

The weather was warm, and this was their winter! The Key is only two- by-four miles, and it is amazing how many streets and houses they can fit into that small area. We took pictures outside of Ernest Hemingway’shouse and saw some of the many cats which inhabit the island, some of which are descendants of Hemingway’s six-toed cats and still live at the house. Some of the buildings there were used for several James Bondmovies.

Key West is charming, a real good vacation spot for honeymooners, bar- hoppers and warm-weather lovers. We really liked it. We were tourists, soI cannot imagine what normal life is like for the locals. I did talk to onelady, originally from Ohio, who has lived there for 52 years. She said shewould not live anywhere else. Only one of her children still lives there,but she said the others were gradually coming back.

There were quite a few Christmas decorations, and we got to see a Christmas boat parade on the ocean all decorated with many lights. Thereis much to remind you of the New Orleans French Quarter, especially where our motel was. So, if you go, just remember to bring money, lots ofmoney! Now we turn we turn our calendars to double zeros. However, I am one ofthose who truly believes the new millennium doesn’t begin until 2001 and we are a year ahead of time. Nonetheless, dear readers, I do wish you andyours not only a very happy New Year, but also one in which all of your fondest dreams come true! Back to Top

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