Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 2, 1999

ANNA MONICA / L’Observateur / November 2, 1999

We had a good time, really. Selling beer at the Andouille Festival onSaturday night was a real fun experience as far as I am concerned.

Besides, I have some facts on beer I can give you. For instance, I trulybelieve that Miller Lite was the most popular brew among our people, but another animal lover who was helping, Jimmy Dean of LaPlace, argued that and said he served more Coors Lite. I don’t believe the argument was eversettled so we snubbed our noses at each other and held to our own beliefs.

Have you ever heard of a brand of brew called Icehouse? It comes in a blue can and one customer said it was really smooth going down but you had to be careful because after a while it packed a wallop. We had a few Heinekendrinkers, but that brew sold less because it was more expensive. Onlyabout two customers remained faithful to it. Budweiser was not offered,so those drinkers settled for regular Miller. Just thought you would wantto know. Bottled water was a good seller, too.It wasn’t that we are advocates of beer drinking, but it is one of the beverages offered by this festival and most others. This time it also wasa good spot for the St. John Humane Society to have to make money for theanimal shelter. Local organizations that work them get a certainpercentage of the different concessions there. So, when they asked me tohelp, I was glad to work.

Everyone who stopped by was in a festival mood and extremely pleasant to serve. After a while, we didn’t even mind dipping our hands past ourelbows into deep barrels of ice and water to retrieve beverages. In fact,we had to start taking turns doing it when our limbs were turning numb from the cold. But, we did it!A considerable number of volunteers helped out at the booth. We were alldoing it for the love of animals, especially those which need protection, food and shelter. On my shift, I worked with Linda Allen and Melissa Vial,two employees of the shelter, extremely dedicated ones at that! Of course, Heidi Hogan, any animal’s best friend and a lady I admire tremendously for her unselfish devotion to animals, was all over the place working tirelessly and still had a long way to go. Nonetheless, she wouldalways be there.

Also working my shift were Lynette Bush, who had recruited her dad, Roy Stukey, Brenda Baldwin and Ken Bravo whose spouse, Carol, along with Lou Noles, was selling snowballs for the shelter. I wasn’t able to get thenames of the other volunteers, but everyone was very much appreciated by Heidi and her staff.

I got really excited when I read a recent news article about possibly getting funding for a new animal shelter. If you love animals, help us pray.Folks, speaking of prayer, I request yours. Between this column and thenext one I intend to write ahead of time, I will be having surgery again.

The date is Nov. 9, and I would very much appreciate your good, positivethoughts and prayers. With all going well, I’ll still be writing from homeand sending it in.

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