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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 27, 1999

MICHAEL KIRAL / L’Observateur / October 27, 1999

Thoughts that went through my mind while watching the Saints-Giants debacle…Well, it looks like the Saints found an answer on how to avoid blowing leads in the fourth quarter. Just fall behind by 28 heading into the finalperiod.

Just wondering. If Mike Ditka was Mike Foster’s campaign manager, wouldFoster have been able to hold onto his huge lead at the end? Boxing just doesn’t get it, does it? Mike Tyson’s “match” with Orlin Norris was just another disgrace the sport did not need. To believe that Tysonmight be getting over $8 million for that fiasco. Norris might not havebeen the only one to have been suckered punch in the bout. So were theboxing fans who decided to watch it.

No contest was the verdict for the fight. It’s also no contest that boxingwill have a hard time reestablishing its credibility for quite some time.

Where’s Rhett Butler (or even Brett Butler, for that matter) when you need him? The Yankees have marched through Atlanta again.

Golfers often talk about handicaps. Casey Martin has a real one. He hasrealized his life’s dream of getting his PGA Tour card. Let him play.Lou Gehrig was recently named as the top baseball player of the century, edging out Babe Ruth in voting by the fans. Almost 60 years after hisdeath, Gehrig is finally getting the recognition that he didn’t get playing with Ruth and Joe DiMaggio for much of his career.

If there was any season that would increase the talk about the need for a playoff in college football, this will be it. Six teams are undefeated.Tennessee, Florida and Georgia Tech are all in the title hunt.

It is almost inevitable that a deserving team will be left out of the BCS.

Virginia Tech might be the best of the bunch but may not be making the trip to New Orleans. Kansas State may be getting gypped for the secondstraight season. And Marshall looks like the Tulane of 1999. Get a clue,NCAA.

Finally, speaking of college football, Gerry DiNardo and LSU cannot catch a break. Injuries, suspensions, a tipped pass in the Georgia game, horriblecalls in the Mississippi State contest. DiNardo deserves another year afterall he has been through this year.

But if the administration decides to go looking for another coach at the end of the year, it should try the stands in Tiger Stadium. There are about79,000 “coaches” there.

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