Children’s art show winners named

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 5, 1999

Deborah Corrao / L’Observateur / June 5, 1999

LAPLACE – One hundred and forty paintings, drawings and sculptures were entered in the Fourth Annual Children’s Art Competition and Exhibition sponsored by the St. James Parish Schools Visually Talented Program. Itwas judged this year by Reserve artist Marilyn Vicknair.

The categories judged were children’s “Best of Show,” painting and drawing; junior’s “Best of Show,” painting and drawing; and sculpture.

“People’s Choice” prizes were also awarded in the children’s and junior’s divisions. All winners received ribbons and cash prizes.The show, the only open art show for young River Region artists, was coordinated by St. James Visually Talented teacher Mara Landrum. Othersponsors of the show were the Friends of the St. James Public Library,River Region Arts & Humanities Council and several local businesses. It isheld annually in May just before school lets out for the year.

Brooke Duhe, a fourth-grader, won the Children’s Best of Show prize for her painting “Colorful Heart.” The People’s Choice children’s award wentto Eric J. Bourgeois Jr., a sixth-grader, for his drawing “Bronco inPasture.”In the category children’s painting, the winners were Brenton Crawford, first place; Paige Chauvin, second; Holly Miculek, third; and Jeremy Dornier and Ashlynn Thomas, honorable mention.

In the children’s drawing category, the winners were Joshua Bourgeois, first place; Meghan Crawford, second; Caroline Schaff, third; and Corey St.

Pierre and Raymond Rodney, honorable mention.

The junior’s Best of Show award went to Ryan Waguespack, a seventh- grader, for his painting “Under the Sea.” Joshua Weidert, a seventh-grader,won the People’s Choice Award for “Summer Time Baseball.”Winners in the junior’s painting divison were Michael Taylor, first place; Heidi Roussel, second; Morgan Bleak, third; and Cornelius Fobb and Brad Bourgeois, honorable mention.

In the junior’s drawing category, the winners were Crystal Alexander, first place; Dustin Stein, second; Nathan Folse, third; and Crystal Alexander and Blake Faucheux, honorable mention.

In sculpture, the winners were Meghan Crawford, first place; Raymond Rodney, second; Joshua Veron, third; and Joel Trosclair and Morgan Belak, honorable mention.

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