Get High on Life

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 28, 1999

By HAROLD KELLER / L’Observateur / April 28, 1999

The following is a response to my April 21 article, which refers to Ricky Williams.

“Harold Keller, Freedom of speech and press is ours, but for you to write such an article.

Who are you to judge? Yes, he is a gift from above because he was created as a likeness of God.

This is a young man, college senior, full of life, energy and enthusiasm.

His athletic reputation from high school precedes him; his rushing record and Heisman Trophy award will forever follow him. At this point, he’s”High on Life” naturally. Now, why isn’t this a good thing?His outer appearance is of a natural man. It’s no more than what the nextperson has done to themselves on the inside. Maybe his ancestors areJamaican and the rest – tattoos, body piercing, goes back in time. It won’taffect him as an athlete, but when his athletic career is over and he decides to venture into his college major, it will play a major part on his lifestyle. It’s all about culture, style of life and personal preference.A person’s mind is not so small that they could imagine his not being able to fit a helmet on his head. Is it any different than the days of blackathletes wearing afros? Still, he’s a gift from God. Place the blame on thepeople, not Ricky Williams.

You asked, ‘How can grownups get so wrapped up in a football team to which they have no direct ties?’ Easy. Do you remember Dec. 11, 1998 – when the parish of St. John wasevacuated because of the West St. John Rams and Riverside Rebels footballstate champion finals in the Superdome? It wasn’t so much that they were going to see their children play (the Rams consisted of only 49 members).

Some people looked at it as being a black and white issue, and they packed the house. You asked, ‘How?’I hold an interest in sports only because my son is a tri-sport participant, but that’s not the only thing he has going for him. He’s musically inclined,can read sheet music as well as play by ear. He’s also a drummer.Everything I know about you came from you. Did you ever believe that youcould be a role model for anyone? God said, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added.’ God lookedat your heart. Who cares if you’re not excited about his future as a Saintor even his career life, because he will be acquiring a college degree. But,as a man of God, you should care about him as a human.

Love always, Tayna J. Brown”Tanya, thanks for the letter. Be assured that I love you and respect yourdisagreement of my opinion. I stand firm on my impression of Ricky as anegative role model for our young people.

I disagree with your views of the West St. John/Riverside football game. Ithought it was an exciting sports event and a game that was enjoyed by most, including the players. I don’t think race was a factor.I agree that only God knows our heart, but I think young people are influenced by outer appearance.

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