Straight Talk from Straight Kids

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 14, 1999

By MONIQUE MICHEL / L’Observateur / April 14, 1999

It’s the week most school-aged kids look forward to – spring break. While somepeople headed to the beach or to a resort, some of my friends and I headed to North Carolina for the Morning Star Worship Conference. We were chaperoned bymy pastor and his wife and another couple from our church. This specificconference was titled “Preparation and Power for the Last Days.” Besidesawesome praise and worship sessions, we had very good speakers. One of thesespeakers was Reggie White, former defensive end of the Green Bay Packers. Hepreached about the importance of unity in the church and in our everyday lives.

He said that in a football game, if the team doesn’t play as a unit, there is no chance of winning. He compared this to families and relationships and said thatselfishness brings about discord.

Between morning and evening sessions we kept busy with other activities. Oneof the activities, shopping at a nearby mall, had us aching for the Esplanade.

The thing that lifted our spirits was the discovery of a Dollar Tree store. It’samazing how the simplicity of dollar items can get you smiling.

By far, the coolest activity was a trip to the mountains. The trip was onlysupposed to take two hours, but of course we found a way to get lost. When wefinally arrived we were all in awe of the beauty of our surroundings. After wetook a hike along a trail and shot several rolls of pictures we found some stores. Leave it my pastor’s wife to find somewhere to shop. This was a muchbetter shopping experience than the previous one. Although we didn’t find toomuch to buy, being with each other was fun enough.

After spending several days with the same group of people, you learn things you probably wish you would have never have found out. Surprisingly enough, Ilearned that one of my male friends washes his face daily with Noxzema, and one of my best friends can’t breathe if you cover up her nose. She forgets thatshe has to breathe through her mouth. I thought this was the end of thesurprises, but I was wrong. For whatever reason, one night my cousin, withwhom I was rooming, started to practice mooing. You know, she was trying tosound like a cow. She just couldn’t get it right. I then decided I needed topractice, too. This was very much to the displeasure of our other roommate,who happened to be sleeping. You just never know how people really are untilyou spend a few days with them.

I know this trip is one that I will never forget. Not only was my spiritual lifestrengthened, but I also realized how important it is to build strong and loving bonds with my friends.

This past Saturday, my Paw Paw asked me to help decorate a room for a reunion of the 1952 Little League teams. Displayed around the room were thepictures, taken 47 years ago, of eager young ballplayers. As I observed the menand women who had gathered early to prepare for the reunion, I smiled as I watched them study the pictures and newspaper articles that brought back the memories made so many years ago. Yes, friends are important, and thememories created with them are priceless.

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