Radiation treatment center opens in LaPlaceL’Observateur / March 3, 1999LAPLACE – A radiation treatment center has recently opened adjacent to RiverParishes Hospital in LaPlace. The $1.2 million facility features a state-of-the-art 6-million-volt linear accelerator for treating cancers such as prostate,breast, head, lung and neck.The center, named River Parishes Radiation Oncology Center, is owned by agroup of radiation oncologists who already have treatment centers in Metairie,New Orleans and Slidell. The new center will be able to treat up to 95 percentof cancer patients in the River Parishes area.”We are delighted to have this new center in LaPlace,” said Michael Hayman,M.D., a radiation oncologist on staff at River Parishes Hospital. “We feel this isa natural extension to our practice in Metairie with the increasing number ofresidential developments being built in LaPlace.”Dr. Hayman added that the average cancer patient receives approximately 22treatments. This means that the patient would have to drive to Metairie or NewOrleans 22 times to get that treatment. One patient at the new center hasalready said he would not have gotten the treatments if he would have had todrive into the city.”With the addition of the new center, River Parishes Hospital is now able tooffer many additional methods of treatment for cancer: surgery, chemotherapyand radiation,” said Ann Kuss, CEO at River Parishes Hospital. “We are pleased tohave the River Parishes Radiation Oncology Center join the hospital campus.”

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 3, 1999

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