Givers are thanked

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 6, 1999

By Tom Cendrick and T. Allen Kirkley / L’Observateur / February 6, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: As president and campaign chairman of United Way of St. Charles, wewould like to express our appreciation to citizens who did such an outstanding job in raising over $1.1 million, a record amount, for vitalagencies in our community and in our neighboring parishes.

Included in our overall total of pledges is approximately $205,000 in pledges to other United Ways in surrounding parishes made by employees working in St. Charles Parish but living elsewhere.Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of contributors, 34 agencies and programs are helping people in St. CharlesParish.

We recognize the residents and employees of St. Charles Parish for theirwillingness to reach out to help their neighbors. Because of their gifts oftime, talent and money, St. Charles Parish is a stronger and healthiercommunity in which to live and work.

Tom Cendrick, president – (Carter Chambers Inc.)T. Allen Kirkley, chairman – (Norco Refining Co. – Motiva)

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