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Published 12:00 am Monday, November 30, 1998

TOMMY WILLIAMS / L’Observateur / November 30, 1998

Thanksgiving is here and so are all those out of town family guests. If yourfamily gatherings resemble anything close to ours, this means that every family photo since the last visit will be out for public viewing. Also, it’s more thanlikely someone is going to put in a request for an enlargement of their favorite niece, nephew or cousin.

I can remember once upon a time when it took a week or better to have even just a 5×7 color enlargement printed. Not any more. Many of the local labs offerone hour or same-day service on enlargements from negatives, namely Eckerds, Wal-Mart and Winn-Dixie. Please keep in mind that this information pertains tocurrent in-house services (services done on location) available from the following photo labs.

Eckerds Express One Hour Photo lab offers one hour service on 5×7 enlargements from negatives only. The retail price for this service is $3.19 – Eckerdsfrequently runs coupons for 5×7 reprints, so keep on the lookout.

Wal-Mart One Hour Photo lab also reprints up to 5×7 enlargements in an hour, for a mere $1.47 from negatives. They are the only lab that has the equipment onsite to scan prints and reprint enlargements up to 8×10 inches. One hour 8x10copy prints retail for $6.46.Last but not least, Winn Dixie One Hour Photo lab offers same day service on 5×7, 8×10 and 8×12 enlargements from negatives. The retail price theseservices are $1.47 for 5×7’s, $2.47 for 8×10’s and $2.97 for 8×12 enlargements.Availability of one hour service for enlargements depends upon current lab volume.

Yes, the holiday season will not only bring distant family relatives close to home, but also many enlargement and reprint request from their favorite family photo. Take a few minutes of your valuable time and get those enlargementsdone now, so “Love Ones” can pack those memories with them when the leave to return back home and you can avoid those long, unwanted lines at the post office.

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