Melancons celebrate 35 years in businessLEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / November 25, 1998LAPLACE – Back in 1963 Gerald Melancon, along with his wife, Eunice, and brother-in-law, Allen St. Pierre, launched a paint contracting business,Melancon-Louque Paint Company.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Today, 35 years later, it’s Melancon’s Home Decorating.

Now operated by Melancon’s sons, Timmy, Wendell and Terrell, they felt 35 years was an accomplishment so, like good Louisianians, they decided to throw a party.

The business began in Garyville and moved to LaPlace in 1965 and to its present building in 1972 at 139 West Fifth Street. “He’s created alegacy,” Terrell said of his father.

At that recent party, which included a live band, food, company historical photos and newspaper advertisements, and do-it-yourself demonstrations, Gerald Melancon was honored with a plaque of recognition presented by his sons.

“We’re looking back to go forward,” Terrell commented.

During those 35 years, the Melancons committed themselves to providing their customers with the best in home decorating needs.

The customer-appreciation party was invitation-only and included most of their long-time customers. However, not to leave out anyone, the companyis also having several discount specials on everything from glazing to flooring and from stain to wall coverings.

The recently-renovated store offers a larger showroom and expanded services to provide area customers with a full-service store.

“There were tears in his eyes,” Terrell said proudly of his father when the plaque was being presented. “We were all crying.”

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