School board Oks audit request

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 11, 1998

By SANDY SEAL / L’Observateur / November 11, 1998

RESERVE – The educational effectiveness of the St. John School Systemwill be determined soon.

The St. John School Board on Thursday approved the Blue RibbonCommittee’s request for the SchoolMatch Audit of Edcuational Effectiveness, which is not to exceed $20,000 in cost.

Associate Superintendent Chris Donaldson said the audit will examine the degree to which the school system meets the criteria of effectiveness, which is defined as achieving educational results at a level equal to or better than those achieved by the top 20 percent of similar school systems based on an examination of students, staff and demographics.

The information gathered will be used to formulate strategic plans for school improvement, he added.

“It will help us set standards, tell us what we need to do,” Donaldson said.

Board member C. J. Watkins said he is for the audit but wants to make sureit’s recommendations are followed once it’s complete.

“If we don’t use it, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on,” he said.

Donaldson said the Blue Ribbon Committee agrees totally.

“The Blue Ribbon Committee wants assurances that we will carry out the recommendations,” he said.

In other business, the School Board: Heard from BellSouth’s Mary Ann Francois, who announced that two St.

John teachers received $500 BellSouth Mini Grants. Melissa Faucheaux,who was at East St. John Elementary at the time she wrote the grant (sheis now at the Glade), said her grant money will be used by the teacher who took her place in order to keep the science program she began last year going.

Faucheaux’s program is titled “It’s a Frog-Eat-Frog World.” She said shebegan a dissecting program in her class last year to help her students get more interested in science.

Clement will use her grant money to institute a program in the communications course designed to teach the language of corporate America to students who speak in regional dialects.

Recognized Elizabeth Leatherwood, a foreign language teacher at East St.

John High School, who attended the New Technologies Institute held at Iowa State University during the summer. The purpose of the institute wasto prepare foreign language educators in the use and implementation of new technologies to enhance student learning.

Approved the extended sick leave for Marie Annette Fuselier, Glade School art teacher; Carolyn Johnson, West St. John Elementary teacher;and Janelle Williams, LaPlace Elementary teacher.

Accepted the resignations of Lionel Bailey, East St. John High scienceteacher; Mary Manceaux, East St. John High band director; and Debra Parr,John L. Ory special education teacher. Hired Elizabeth White, part-time Title 1 instructional aide, John L. Ory;and Gleneace Nelson, model early teacher, Early Childhood Center.

Approved a contract with Bryman College for the part-time employment of student Sandra Dragon, a resident of Reserve, as a reading tutor at East.

St. John Elementary. Her salary will be paid fully through a federallyfunded work-study program.

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