Gramercy has new police chief, mayor

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 9, 1998

By LEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / November 9, 1998

RIVER PARISHES – Voters selected new school board members in three parishes, helped re-elect a U.S. Senator and decided municipal races inGramercy on Tuesday.

In St. John the Baptist Parish, Pat Sanders replaced Aleitha Bardell on theSchool Board.

In St. Charles Parish, Steve Crovetto edged Fred Seal in the race to replacecurrent School Board member Michael Henderson, who chose not to seek re-election.

And, in St. James Parish, School Board member George Nassar Jr. retainedhis seat, while colleagues John “J.B” Schexnayder and Richard Reulet Jr.lost their bids for re-election to Charlies Nailor and Kathleen “Kitty” Becnel, respectively.

In Gramercy’s municipal elections, voters selected Ronald St. Pierre astheir new mayor, replacing incumbent Herman Bourgeois. Mike Kahl edgedincumbent Kenny Poche to become the new Chief of Police, and Alderman Alvin “Shark” St. Pierre retained, by three votes, his seat on the panelover challenger Barry LeBlanc.

A St. James Parish proposition renewal of a 10-year, 4.93-mill recreationtax was also approved.

The following are the vote totals in each ballot item: ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISHSchool Board District 4 Aleitha G. Bardell, Reserve. Democrat – 497 votes.Pat Sanders, Reserve. Democrat – 667 votes.ST. JAMES PARISHSchool Board District 4 Dianne M. Gaudin, Convent. Democrat – 542 votes.George Nassar Jr., Convent. Democrat – 586 votes.District 6 Charles T. “Charlie” Nailor, Vacherie. Democrat – 784 votes.John “J.B.” Schexnayder, Vacherie. Democrat – 605 votes.District 7 Kathleen “Kitty” Becnel, Vacherie. Democrat – 726 votes.Richard “Ricky” Reulet Jr., Vacherie. Democrat – 704 votes.GRAMERCY Mayor Herman P. Bourgeois, Gramercy. Democrat – 520 votes.Ronald A. St. Pierre, Gramercy. Democrat – 772 votes.Chief of Police Michael Kahl, Gramercy, Democrat – 660 votes.

Kenny P. Poche, Gramercy. Democrat – 623 votes.Board of Aldermen District 3 Barry R. LeBlanc, Gramercy. Democrat – 196 votes.Alvin “Shark” St. Pierre Jr., Gramercy. Democrat – 199 votes.Gramercy Recreation Proposition Yes – 576 votes.

No – 354 votes.

ST. CHARLES PARISHSchool Board District 7 Steve Crovetto, Luling. Democrat – 879 votes.Freddie L. Seal, Luling. Republican – 744 votes.

STATE OF LOUISIANA Public Service Commission Irma Dixon, Democrat (winner) St. Charles Parish – 2,721 votes; St. James Parish – 3,237 votes; St. John Parish – 3,002 votes. John F. Schwegmann, DemocratSt. Charles Parish – 3,388 votes; St. James Parish – 3,233 votes; St. John Parish – 1,628 votes. CONST. AMENDMENT 1 (passed)St. Charles Parish – Yes – 4,458 votes. No – 1,852 votes.St. James Parish – Yes – 2,050 votes. No – 1,053 votes.St. John Parish – Yes – 3,113 votes. No – 1,417 votes. CONST. AMENDMENT 2 (passed)St. Charles Parish – Yes – 3,734 votes. No – 2,291 votes.St. James Parish – Yes – 1,777 votes. No – 1,135 votes.St. John Parish – Yes – 2,679 votes. No – 1,597 votes. UNITED STATES Senator John B. Breaux (winner) – St. Charles-5,721; St. James-5,726; St. John-5,133.

Raymond Brown – St. Charles-137; St. James-189; St. John-180.Jeffery H. Diket – St. Charles-33; St. James-57; St. John-51.”Jim” Donelon- St. Charles-3,502; St. James-1,061; St. John-1,960.L.D. “Nota” Knox Sr. – St. Charles-59; St. James-95; St. John-84.Sam Houston Melton Jr. – St. Charles-80; St. James-116; St. John-151.Martin A. Rosenthal – St. Charles-27; St. James-25; St. John-14.Darryl Paul Ward – St. Charles-52; St. James-59; St. John-68.

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