Purely science (and quite a bit fun, too!)

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 17, 1998

L’Observateur / July 17, 1998

TAFT – The squeals and laughter filled the room to capacity, and then some. It wasn’t just play which excited the children, ages 6 to 11; it wasscience.

Welcome to the Entergy/Waterford 3 summer science camp, which has been quietly held for 10 years at the Energy Education Center on Louisiana Highway 3127.

Four two-day camps are held, each hosting an average of 40 children, all under the supervision of local teachers.

At this particular day camp, Callie Chauvin and Nancy Curole, both of J.B.Martin Middle School, and Prentice White of Cammon Middle School held the children’s attention through a full day of activities, from 7 a.m. to4:30 p.m.Each morning, science activities captivated the children as they learned experiments which were both educational and fun. On this particularmorning, the children learned how to make static electricity using balloons and also how to mix up “silly slime” using common household ingredients.

Children were also provided copies of the experiments so they can do them at home under adult supervision long after the day camp is over.

These include learning about bubbles and making candy airplanes and ice cream-in-a-bag.

Following a break for lunch, the children returned for guest speakers. Onthis particular day, each child was fingerprinted and also heard a program on bicycle safety. They also got a hurricane tracking map from ParishEmergency Operations Director Tab Troxler and explored a real ambulance from St. Charles Parish Hospital.Art activities, supervised by White, followed and included such activities as scrapbook-making, making kites from paper grocery bags and painting their own T-shirt designs.

“The kids enjoy it and the parents are enthusiastic,” Anita Hymel, Entergy Communications Specialist, commented.

The science camp is normally not advertised, as word of mouth has insured a steady supply of campers. As it is, the camps are filled tocapacity by word of mouth alone.

“We started getting calls in March,” Hymel noted.

The children come away from the camp with a new appreciation and enthusiasm for science, parents have a welcome break and Entergy has an opportunity to interact with the community in a special, intimate way.

“They’re constantly active,” marveled Hymel.

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