Column:Get High On Life

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 23, 1998

By Harold Keller / L’Observateur / June 24, 1998

God Plans For Every Life – Don’t Waste His Efforts

Last Saturday, my wife and I stopped at Piccadilly Cafeteria in Metairie on our way back from a baseball game. We were seated next to five ladieswho were really into talking about their church. They were so excited,spoke pretty loud, and, at times, seemed to all be speaking at once. If apolice officer had been present, I’m sure he could have given them a ticket for talking too fast.

Their conversation was centered on a prophet who had ministered at their church. One lady (the only white one in the group) said, “I wanted a wordso bad that I felt like raising my hand and asking for one.”I told my wife that it’s amazing how Christians are always looking for someone to give them a word. I believe that God speaks through otherpeople, but I also know that if you have a personal relationship with Jesus, He will sometimes speak directly to you, if you listen.

When my wife and I finished our meal, the ladies were still talking. I wentover to their table and excused myself, asking which one of the ladies wanted a word. They all laughed and I said, “In fact, I have a word for allof you.” Believe me, they were ready to receive.I continued, “The word for each one of you is that you are all very special to God. He loves you and has an exciting, perfect plan for your life.” I thentold them that in the game of life there are no substitutes. You eitheraccept your role as a Christian, perform your duties as directed by God, or the job that God has designed for you to complete will never be accomplished because there is no other you.

“What church do you attend?” I asked. With pride, they said, “Solid RockChurch.” “That’s Brother Vinnett’s church,” I said. “You know our pastor?”they asked. “I heard him preach a few years ago and he was pretty good,” Ianswered.

I could see they respected their pastor, as they should, but I told them that even though his job is important, each one of them had an equally important position in God’s church. “God’s plan for each of your lives is asimportant as the pastor’s,” I said. They all listened and we had a greatfew minutes of fellowship.

Before we left, we all held hands and prayed. It was a special meeting formy wife and me.

As we were leaving, they invited us to attend their services one Sunday and we plan to do so.

I was reminded of a prayer that I read last week on one of my calendars. Itwent as follows: “Dear Lord, thanks for giving me so many people to love.

Help me not to disappoint them or you.”

Harold Keller Is a regular columnist for L’Observateur.

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