‘An Evening of Caring & Sharing’ planned in honor of Harold Keller

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 8, 1998

By Michael Kiral / L’Observateur / June 8, 1998

LAPLACE – Harold Keller has touched many lives over the last 18 years with God’s ministry of Get High on Life.

Later this month, those Keller touched will give testimony about Keller’s work at the second annual Get High on Life Fund-raiser. “An Evening ofCaring and Sharing with Harold Keller and Get High on Life Supporters” will be held Tuesday, June 30, at 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in LaPlace. Danny Louque, chairman of the committee organizing the fund-raiser and a long-time friend of Keller’s, said plans are to make the fund-raiser an annual event. Other members of the committee are Dr. S. J. “Billy” St.Martin, John Braun, Steve Lee, Calvin Rousse, Steve Nosacka, Ranney Wilson, Duaine Duffy, Bob Levin, Emile Bergeron and Chris Eichhorn.

“We wanted to get Mr. Keller and Get High on Life out to the people,”Louque said. “We wanted to show how many lives he has touched and thegreat work he is doing and get support for him and his organization.”Keller has donated his time and money helping those who have been afflicted with alcohol and drug addictions. He has talked to numerousschools and support groups and makes visits to local jails, the St. JamesYouth Center, the Alcohol and Drug center in Mandeville and the Fountainebleau Treatment Center. He also works with individual familiesat no cost.

“There are places that treat alcohol and drug addiction, but they cost a lot of money,” Louque said. “Mr. Keller doesn’t charge families anything.”Last year, friends of Keller and those he has worked with roasted him at a similar fund-raiser while at the same time thanking him for all that he has done. This year, testimony will be given about his works.The cost of the fund-raiser, which includes a dinner, is $100 per couple.

All proceeds will go toward the Get High on Life organization. Louque saidhopefully the annual fund-raisers will some day raise enough money to build a boy’s home in the River Parishes, a dream of Keller’s.

Tickets to the fund-raiser may be purchased by calling Louque at 869- 9809 or Calvin Rousse at 536-2698.

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