United Way board, officers chosen

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 29, 1998

L’Observateur / April 29, 1998

HAHNVILLE – United Way of St. Charles elected its 1998 officers and boardof directors at its annual membership meeting Wednesday.

Tom Kendrick of Carter Chambers in Luling was elected president, along with Jim Kimes of Shell Chemical in Norco as vice-president and Timothy Vial, St. Charles Parish administrator, as secretary-treasurer.The 1997 president, David F. Boan, was presented with an awardacknowledging his service. Zulma A. Boroughs of Union Carbide waspresented with a plaque acknowledging her contribution toward making Campaign ’97 the most successful in parish history.

T. Allen Kirkley of Shell Norco Refining Co. was selected Campaign ’98chairman.

1998 board members include Lily Acosta-Galland, Ellis Alexander, Bruce Bishop, David Boan, Kay Bordelon, Ricky Bosco, Carolyn Boyd, Tom Cendrick, John Cornwell, Manina Dubroca, Stan Dufrene, Debbie Dufresne- Vial, Chuck Dugger, Lucy Folse, the Rev. Isiah Franklin, Vici Hebert, JimKimes, Roger Landry, Ron Loving, Fred Martinez, Glenn McGinnis, the Rev.

Dwight Munn, Bernard Oubre, Charles Oubre, Brent Petit, Rich Planzo, Rusty Rebowe, Sybil Robert, Germaine Robottom, Cressend Schonberg, Billie Simoneaux, Barbara Smith, F.A. Swann, Tim Vial, Dudley Webre and PatrickYoes.

Additionally, United Way of St. Charles announced the formation of Friendsand Alumni of United Way, a talent pool of former board and committee members who will be working with special events and projects.

The meeting was held at the Shell Recreational Building in Norco.

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