Good percentage of students have B averages or better

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 7, 1998

By Rebecca Burk / L’Observateur / March 7, 1998

RESERVE – Forty-six percent of the students at East St. John High and 53percent of the students at West St. John High currently have a B average orbetter, according to associate superintendent Chris Donaldson.

This news was a pleasant surprise to board members, who recently heard the bad news that 20 percent of the students in the parish were in danger of failing at least one subject.

Twenty-one percent have at least one F at East St. John, while 19 percenthave at least one F at West St. John.On a happier note, however, 4 percent of the students at East St. John havea 4.0 or better GPA. The reason some have higher than 4.0 GPA is becauseof the weighted scale from honors classes.

“And some of these students have ACT scores of 33 or 34 or higher,” Donaldson said.

Board member Russ Wise was more than glad to recognize the fact that a large number of the students are doing well in St. John’s high schools.”If you look at the opposite end of the spectrum, there are students who are achieving,” Wise said.

Board member Aleitha Bardell said the only reason she requested the report on the number of seniors failing in St. John Parish was to informthe parents.

“It was to try to help and motivate and it did,” Bardell said. “I’m here tohelp the students.

“The students who are making a B and above need the least help,” she added.

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