Students spend a day on the job

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 4, 1998

By Rebecca Burk / L’Observateur / February 4, 1998

Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow Monday, and so did several employees in St.John the Baptist Parish.

Students from five St. John Parish schools shadowed workers in LaPlacefor Groundhog Day 1998. The job shadowing program is a nationwideprogram that gives students an opportunity to learn on-site at careersthey may be interested in pursuing.

Students shadowed workers at an area newspaper, hotel, computer center,hospital, restaurant, several banks and a radio station.

Kimberly Parent, an eighth-grader at Garyville/Mt. Airy Math and ScienceMagnet School, spent her day at River Parishes Hospital. And for a fewhours Parent stayed in the labor and delivery area.

She was even there to hear baby Breya Rodrique’s first cry.

“She was born at 1:31,” Parent said. “I was across the hall, and all of asudden I heard, ‘waaaahhhh!'”Parent said she also got to watch registered nurse Mary Ann Moody carefor the newborn.

“I saw how the baby’s measurements and weight was taken,” she said.

“And I saw her get a vitamin K shot, and they cleared her lungs of fluid.”

Parent said from her experience she may even pursue a career in themedical field.

Other students who shadowed workers at River Parishes Hospital areMyron Keller, Glade School; Latoya Haley and Brandy Loupe, East St. JohnHigh; and Torriana Thomas, West St. John High.

One of the three students who shadowed reporters from L’Observateur saidshe learned a lot about being a journalist.”I learned that it’s a lot of responsibility to be a journalist, and you haveto have common sense,” said Deanna Mattos, an eighth-grader at GladeSchool.

Other students who shadowed reporters at L’Observateur are West St. John10th-grader Ashley Pierre and East St. John 10th-grader Ashley Fallon.Two East St. John High 11th-graders shadowed workers at Bull’s Corner.

Alcadia Tambunga and Jackie McGhee shadowed head waitress LouannParker and learned how things work in a restaurant.

Two students also shadowed Bank of LaPlace employees, learning how tocommunicate with customers, handle money and operate bank machines.

The students are Amanda Lowery, an eighth-grader from the Glade andTierenie Joseph, a ninth-grader from East St. John High.

Two other banks in the area also participated in the job shadowingprogram – Hibernia and Louisiana Federal Credit Union.

Students who shadowed employees at Hibernia are Nancy Pinero and PeteAbbate of East St. John High and Gerren Hansley of Garyville/Mt. Airy Mathand Science Magnet School.

Students who shadowed employees at Louisiana Federal Credit Union areMilton Leonard and Tiffany McDonald of East St. John High and BennellCharles of West St. John High.

New Wine Christian Computer Center instructor Jodie Scioneaux taughttwo students how to use Microsoft Word. The students are PrentissAnderson, an eighth-grader from West St. John High, and JoshuaEntremont, a 10th-grader at East St. John High.

Three students shadowed employees at Holiday Inn. The students areChantel Taplin and Wayland Ledet of East St. John High and Alicia Louis ofWest St. John High.

Also, four students shadowed employees at WADU radio station. They areChristina Lobel and Lynnez Gray of Leon Godchaux Junior High and MelanieForest and Bobbie Childs of East St. John High.

Coordinator Beverly Harris said students and workers alike got a lot out ofthe program.

“I had an opportunity to visit the sites,” Harris said. “Everywhere Iattended the response was most favorable from the workers and thestudents. The workers were very receptive and open. I was very pleasedand I thank God. I think the community as a whole was very supportive andthe students were open for learning.”

Photo: KIMBERLY PARENT, left, helps Mary Ann Moddy, RN, care for baby Breya Rodrigue, who is about an hour old in this picture. Parent said she learned a lot in the labor and delivery department at River Parishes Hospital during the job shadowing program and might just pursue a career in the medical field.

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